10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

2. New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers

New Frontier Days Founding Pioneers switch
Arc System Works

Essentially wanting to get in on the lack of a good Switch farming sim before Stardew Valley blew up in October, Frontier Days sees a horrifically scripted lady named Jessica deliver a "narrative" as three frame-animated sprites repeatedly toil away on your homestead.

Once again, there are some cool ideas here - you get a whole team of settlers to command, who can be assigned to a variety of tasks from fishing to hunting, harvesting etc. - but the reality is that Frontier Days was rushed to market. With a supreme lack of content, this reeks of the early days of Farmville, or the sort of isometric sim more commonly found on mobile or in a browser.

At least if this did come from iOS or Android it would be more excusable production-wise, but Founding Pioneers couldn't even satisfy those who just wanted to till some fields for a few months.

Now Stardew Valley has arrived, Frontier has been eaten.ALIVE.

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