10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

10. Vaccine

Vaccine Switch
Rainy Night Creations

Vaccine's wannabe-loveable throwback to the flat-faced, blocky character models of early Resident Evil will be endearing to some, but also brings back all the problems your nostalgia will have conveniently omitted.

See, there's a great game buried amongst the rubble here. The idea of a constantly-changing, procedurally generated map that tasks you with exploring to find a cure, deploying an overarching upgrade system's worth of abilities and doing so with PS1-esque graphics could've been loveable - but then you play it.

Doing so brings all those awkward combat encounters screaming back into the fore. Remember tank controls? They're back. Remember never really knowing where you're aiming or how to line up a melee shot? Add that too. Obfuscating camera angles that sacrificed playability for cinematography? Enemies that were always FAR more agile than you and difficulty spikes wiping out all progress and demanding you start over? Check, check and f**k this.

Ever been killed by a demonic pixellated smush of a mouse you couldn't see or attack? That's this game.

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Gaming Editor

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