10 Worst Nintendo Switch Games Of 2017

9. Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces

After Sonic Mania - the genuinely outstanding, phenomenal return to 90s form for one of gaming's most abused and terribly utilised characters ever since - returned to our screens, the question was: Can Sega's main Sonic Team actually continue that success?

"No", came the reply this November, as Forces is right up there as contender for worst Sonic game ever made.

Thankfully we don't have the hilariously market-tested-to-death designs of Sonic Boom giving Sonic athletic tape around his trainers and making Knuckles "the big dumb funny one", but outside of that, gameplay is the same expectedly awkward, almost third party rip-off level of dissatisfaction.

Everything from side-on platforming lacking tactility to behind-the-back segments that pretty much play themselves, aside from conveying a sense of speed in the latter and letting legions of Sonic fans design their own character, there's not a single recommendable, truly worthwhile feature.

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