10 Worst Possible Alternative Video Game Endings

Sometimes the worst endings are just the best.


Considering the immense amount of satisfaction that comes from uncovering the absolute best endings in video games, there has to be the same appreciation for the ones that are just so inexplicably bad they require just as much time and effort to uncover.

Sometimes the games just don’t seem to want to let you screw up their perfect little worlds, and they’ll to do everything they can to prevent you from earning your coveted disastrous ending. But for those of us who are determined enough, there lie dozens of hilarious, tragically awful, immoral, and downright dumb possible conclusions for us to gleefully unlock. Some will require more effort than others, but all will leave you feeling like a delightfully terrible human being.

Better still, if you managed to get any of these endings completely by accident, then you are truly a God among disasterpieces, and perhaps you scare me, and we shouldn’t be friends.

There are a few obvious entries omitted - killing your entire crew in Mass Effect 2, butchering all the Little Sisters in Bioshock, massacring absolutely everything and everyone in Undertale - pretty much any well-known ending that involves gleeful slaughter. For this list, we will be looking at some of the more cruel, confusing, and sometimes silly examples of what gaming can offer us, not necessarily involving copious amounts of murder.

Most of the time, it's actually the complete opposite!


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