10 Worst Video Games Of 2017

1. Vroom In The Night Sky

Vroom in the night sky Switch

Remember during the introduction I mentioned how digital storefronts are awash in churned out toss? Games like Vroom in the Night Sky are entirely that - indicative of a free market mentality that apparently isn't linked to any quality testing before being showcased to audiences of millions.

There's a CHANCE it gets shown to audiences on Youtube as a laughing stock, thereby recovering some funds as one in a million watchers actually picks up a copy, but for the majority, it's just sh*t.

From late 90s-esque character shapes to broken physics models, one engine noise on loop for the bike itself and the base concept of "it's a girl, on a bike, in space *jazz hands*", Vroom is a game so bad, its own trailer can't hide all those faults.

Hopefully this marks a notable bad point in the system's first year on sale, as honestly, if we somehow create something worse, it might be a damning comment on humanity as a species.

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