10 Worst Video Games Of 2017

10. Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces

After the fan-pleasing - and fan-made - delights of Sonic Mania, it was over to the official Sonic Team, to see what this year's more "official" instalment would be.

Sadly, despite Christian Whitehead and the team at Headcannon showing that 2D Sonic really is the only way the character works, Sonic Forces does attempt a good slew of side-on platforming levels, but the majority is more of the same turgid, auto-playing, over-shoulder nonsense.

There's simply a complete lack of tactility when controlling Sonic, despite the admittedly cool idea of customising a character and injecting them into the saga. Sonic Forces is one of the most sobering reminders that Sega themselves haven't a clue what to do with the Blue Blur, instead attempting to please generations of younger fans who've grown up with the 3D games, and 90s originals who just want lightning fast side-scroll runs.

In the end, not a single element of Sonic Forces feels like it was given anything close to the level of love, care and passion that pours out of Sonic Mania, and that demonstrably shows you which one to pick up.

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