10 Worst Video Games Of 2017

9. Agents Of Mayhem

Agents Of Mayhem
Deep Silver

Generic Game Design: The Game.

Aiming to be the next major franchise from Volition, Agents of Mayhem is set in one of the many timeline fractures from the close of Saints Row 4, yet it retains less than zero of that series' charm and excellent writing.

Instead, we get generic gruff action heroes, cringeworthy comedy and basic, loot-grind gameplay letting you rank up rote skills like "+2% damage" or "Increased XP". It's repetitive, truly opaque stuff, almost working in a serviceable manner as gameplay is playable and somewhat satisfying, but there's no propulsion to anything.

Truly the playable version of mastication, Agents of Mayhem had everything to prove, an entire blank canvas and the eyes of the world on its first steps - only for everything to feel off-putting on a fundamental level.

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