100 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time

60. Sander Cohen - Bioshock

Sander In a game with so many horrific villains, it is no surprise that Sander Cohen, whose art in the form of murdered splicers can be seen around Fort Frolic, still sticks in the mind. An art obsessed psychopath who tasks Jack with killing his old disciples and photographing each of their dead bodies. Cohen is also extremely paranoid, attempting to kill Jack and branding him a doubter.

59. Arkham/Jester - Devil May Cry 3

Arkham Arkham is a great villain because he is a human who wishes to become a demon, sacrificing his own wife to do so, with his true aim being to possess the power of the Dark Knight, Sparda. Whenever he approaches Dante he is his alter ego, Jester, a maniacal clown who constantly taunts Dante, whilst occasionally offering help. Jester was so popular that the game's special edition allowed Dante to fight him as a recurring boss.

58. Dark Link - The Legend Of Zelda Series

Dark Link Dark Link may not be the central antagonist of the Zelda games, but he is definitely a great villain, even posing as the final boss of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. In Ocarina of Time he is simply a mini boss, but his appearance still has an impact as he appears in a seemingly tranquil area, before mimicking each sword attack Link uses, something that can make him notoriously hard to damage.

57. Ares - God Of War

Ares Ares was called upon by Kratos to save his life when his army was overrun by barbarians, but in return he took Kratos's soul, calling the warrior to do his bidding before forcing him to kill his own wife and child, before binding their ashes to his skin. When Kratos reaches Pandora's Box, a weapon powerful enough to kill a god, Ares launches a stone pillar from extremely far away and kills Kratos instantly, now that's powerful.

56. Liquid Ocelot - Metal Gear Solid

Liquid Ocelot Whilst Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot are both great villains separately, they become even more maniacal when Liquid's arm is grafted onto Ocelot's body, before possessing his mind, creating Liquid Ocelot. Liquid planned to amass a mercenary army and destroy the Patriots once and for all, allowing Big Boss's dream of a world where chaos reined supreme, an Outer Haven, to come true.
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