11 Hugely-Anticipated Video Games You Won't Believe Got Cancelled

9. Legacy Of Kain: Dead Sun

As if you weren't heartbroken enough by losing out on that immaculately-presented Star Wars demo, how about one of the most highly-anticipated franchise instalments in gaming history, birthed from a series where the nearest contemporary in the epic stakes is Metal Gear Solid?

The LoK games are masterpieces in their own right - yes even Blood Omen 2, the much-maligned actioner that put you in the shoes of the titular vampire himself - yet after a legacy of third-person titles that let you indulge in escapist vampiric thrills, the latest edition veered away from Dead Sun's potential entry and into a free-to-play first-person arena shooter. Yes, take that confused face you've just pulled and times it by ten, because for fans that have stuck by the series for almost two decades it's completely maddening.

Dead Sun was going to put you in the shoes of two alternating characters - Gein and Asher - the former being a Saradin vampire with a host of other-wordly abilities, and the latter a human whose soul accidentally becomes intertwined with Gein's, intertwining their worlds and giving us a pretty sweet premise. Sadly that's all we got to know before the project was scrapped, however the extremely brief footage available lends weight to the idea that it was going to be a continuation of the action-heavy entries in the series.

If there's any chance in hell the creative team behind this series could ever assemble for another 'proper' entry rather than the first-person shooter offshoot nobody asked for, it could return to being one of the flagship franchises for gamers, regardless of console alignment.

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