11 Things We Learned At The PlayStation Experience 2017

11. Firewall: Zero Hour Is A New Tactical VR Shooter

Firewall Zero Hour
First Contact Entertainment

The show opened with the reveal of a new PSVR exclusive shooter from ROM: Extraction creators First Contact Entertainment. Firewall: Zero Hour essentially looks like the VR answer to Rainbow Six, with its emphasis on clean, squad-based assaults. The trailer makes it clear that the extra VR layer will grant players a tactical advantage, to peek around corners before launching an attack.

In addition to supporting the DualShock 4 controller, players will be able to dust off their Aim controllers and give them a whirl, and considering how disappointingly few multiplayer games there are that support the controller, it's very much welcome.

The PSVR headset's in-built microphone should make 4v4 squad-play a blast, even if it does look somewhat similar to the upcoming PSVR shooter Bravo Team.

No word on a release date yet, but the trailer was referred to as an "early peak", so it's probably at least six months away.

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