11 Video Games Destined To Be 2018's Biggest Sleeper Hits

1. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World

Despite gaining a rabid and dedicated fanbase over the past decade or so, the Monster Hunter series has remained largely overlooked in the mainstream. The players who know about the games know they're something special, while people on the periphery have no real idea what they've been missing out on.

However, the reason the franchise has remained largely in the shadows could be because the games so far have only been released on handheld devices. Monster Hunter: World, on the other hand, is the first true instalment in the series that console owners can jump into - and it's shaping up to be the best sequel yet.

Not only is the title massive in the literal sense, boasting a huge open world and a bombastic scale, but its different zones, monster variety and implementation of four-player co-op cements it as the most ambitious instalment so far.

Dropping January 26th, the sequel will be one of the first major releases of next year, and should set the bar high for the following months to come.

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