11 Wildest Assassinations During Total War: Three Kingdoms' Historical Setting

A lot of wild backstabbing went on during the setting to Total War: Three Kingdoms.


So you're a fan of Creative Assembly's newest title, Total War: Three Kingdoms, are you? Then you certainly know it's based on a real historical time period of ancient China, right? Well then I'm sure you also know that assassination ran wild and rampant during that time.

One of the major changes to the Total War series that came with TW: Three Kingdoms was the removal of 'agents', the little non-combatants that move about the map doing various guerrilla actions. Spying, assassinating, negotiating alliances and trade deals - all of these actions required a new character to be hired/trained and then leveled up in order to get better results.

In TW: Three Kingdoms, instead, you just have a tab for political negotiations and you can send an officer to infiltrate another force's lands and try to get hired. Once they're hired you have a multitude of options at your disposal - from sabotaging their trade routes to poisoning their army provisions; from slandering a general to, you guessed it, assassinating the faction's heir or leader.

Assassination was simply a way of life in court politics during the later years of the Han Dynasty, which TW:3K is based on. So, let's take a look at some of craziest assassinations and backstabbing murders during the China's Three Kingdoms period.


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