12 Announced Video Games That Are Never Coming Out

12. Deep Down

Deep Down

First Announced: At Sony's famed 2013 PlayStation Meeting, the very same day they unveiled the PS4 for the first time (20 February 2013).

Deep Down is a co-op dungeon crawler in development from Capcom, with inevitable comparisons being made to the Dark Souls series (albeit without the punishing difficulty).

The game certainly left an impression when it debuted, but after it was revealed to be a free-to-play game in late 2013, word about Deep Down quickly began to peter out.

In 2015, producer Kazunori Sugiura claimed that the project's scope had expanded significantly from original plans in the hope of capturing a loyal base of players who will keep returning to the game.

The game's Reddit sub is a rather depressing sight these days, a husk of desperate fans crossing their fingers for it to be reintroduced at every passing game expo. Sadly, it's far more likely that development on the game has already ended and Capcom just hasn't bothered to announce it yet.


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