12 Characters That Should Return In The Next Mortal Kombat Game

10. Nitara

A unique kombatant to the species and races of the Mortal Kombat universe, Nitara is a callous vampire spawned from her native realm of Vaeturnus with the hopes of freeing it from Outworld. Making her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance; some fans of the series were quick to embrace a vampire character, seeing as vampirism in popular culture has been quite the phenomenon for the past decade and then some. Donning what could be described as a bikini holstered together with a dagger and little other embellishments, save for a crimson coloured jacket, her most striking feature was that of two wings that spanned from her back. She was a compelling take at the time for the vampire stereotype, but we were left deficient when it came to her play-style. Although she could spew blood at her opponents and gnaw on her opponent's jugular during a Fatality, there was a lot left to be desired. In a future instalment, Nitara could place emphasis on her desire for blood - the one thing spilt most of in the series - as well as being synonymous with vampirism, it could be used for both offensive and defensive strategies in the midst of Kombat. Her storyline could be further elaborated on, she made it apparent she will deceive those in order to gain what she requires, but her alignment has still been sitting in neutral territory. This could be delved into further with her supposed rivalry with the demon-slaying Ashrah or perhaps the acknowledged near-extinction of her race. We understand she was planned to have a male counterpart in Deadly Alliance, but he was later scrapped. It could be an interesting dynamic to have two vampires with vastly different motives cross paths in the future.

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