12 Characters That Should Return In The Next Mortal Kombat Game

6. Drahmin

A cruel, fear inducing warlord in his human life, Drahmin eventually succumbed to the cold embrace of death. For the crimes he had committed in Outworld, his body and soul were exiled to the Netherrealm where he would forever be the victim of relentless torture. An undetermined amount of time later, he eventually submitted to his fate and welcomed the insanity he would begin to relish in. To channel the raging fury within him, he discovers an artifact called The Face Of Kun-Lo which he would don as a mask, dampening his inferno of rage. Drahmin could be described as the most morbid concept in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance given his unsettling appearance. As an Oni demon crafted without skin, Drahmin exhibits his decaying musculature, busy with a swarm of flies feasting upon the flesh. Nice. He would be outfitted with an intimidating iron club, which not surprisingly, would be used to bludgeon and pummel his foes. With such an impressive design, his prowess in gameplay felt uninspired. The majority of his special moves revolved around his iron club, most of which would be generic uppercuts and slams, save for his ball-of-flies projectile. Yuck. With a character that has an untamed rage when not under the dilutive effect of his mask, the next game could be a golden opportunity to exploit this. Have it as a special move that will increase his speed or perhaps the damage output he unleashes for a period of time when he tears off the mask. An emphasis on his malevolence and brutality would serve him well. He essentially served as a pawn to Quan Chi in Deadly Alliance, brokered as his bodyguard to defend against the vengeful spectre, Scorpion. Whom of which, would be thrown to the heavens via the Soulnado and torn asunder thanks to Drahmin and the Oni's cohort, Moloch. NetherRealm Studios has the means to really allow Drahmin to become a more dimensional character and not so much a thread in another character's storyline (despite series co-creator Ed Boon publicly stating that Drahmin was one of his least favourite characters). Have him become a bringer of torment to the kombatants of the new era, none would be exempt from his ferocity.

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