12 Greatest Beat ‘Em Up Video Games Of All Time

One word you'll read in its original voiceover? "Fatality".

Heihachi€™s Atomic Drop, Fei Long€™s Rekkashingeki, Shao Kahn€™s Hammer Uppercut. These are undoubtedly some of the most powerful combinations of any beat €˜em up game. Though it is easy discerning which moves are the best in terms of damage inflicted, it is a rather more difficult task ascertaining which is the finest beat €˜em up game ever. There are some who will have you believe that beat €˜em ups - where you control a character and use them to beat the snot out of your enemies or a rival gamer - are overly simplistic and stagnated compared to the constantly changing nature of other genres. Though they may be comparatively simple, why is that necessarily a fault? Why is focusing in on a smaller area and creating addictive, subtle gameplay a bad thing? Beat €˜em ups are one of the few genres of gamers which are playable by both children and experts alike, demonstrating the accessible-yet-deep nature of their gameplay. To the naysayers, it may seem like fighting games haven€™t really come far in the 30-years since their invention and don€™t really have much further to go either. However, all it takes is a brief glance at the forefather of the genre; 1984€™s Karate Champ - with its one playable character and 13-offensive-moves - to know that the genre has come an incredibly long way. With beat €˜em up games being more reliant on a deep, complex, rewarding gameplay system than flashy visuals, excellent fighting games have more of a timelessness about them than the classics of other genres. A few minutes spent playing Street Fighter II and you will rapidly become acquainted with all the combos you haven€™t used in over a decade and it will feel like no time has passed at all. Here are the 12 Greatest Beat €˜Em Ups of all time, which will always keep us coming back for more.

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