12 Greatest Final Fantasy Battle Themes

Final Fantasy I Epic. Powerful. Passionate. Dramatic. Haunting. Heart-pounding. Amazing. Mind-numbing. It took me approximately 3 minutes of scrolling through comments on YouTube videos to find examples of these words used to describe a Final Fantasy Battle Theme. Whether a fan of the series itself or fantasy as a whole, or indeed, not; the brand of Final Fantasy has become synonymous, worldwide, for its catchy, uplifting battle tunes that range from the sickeningly addictive to an emotive tour de force! Comprising the regular battle themes through sub-bosses, bosses and indeed Final Bosses spanning 23 years and 14 titles, here's my pick for the twelve best: (Brief, honourable mention to Final Fantasy IX's Boss Battle Theme "Battle 2", which missed out by the slightest of slight margins.)

12. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's Boss Battle Theme


WARNING: I've deliberately left this track without its name to prevent spoilers. Clicking on the video link will also risk spoilers, however the title alone doesn't spoil the name so long as you don't extend it under the video.

Topical, relevant and the inspiration for this article, the latest offering in the Final Fantasy series' final boss theme has created quite a buzz. Chaotic and epic, this track will make your head spin with it's roller-coaster ride of peaks, troughs, chants and overwhelming force- it's indeed a fitting track for its subject. Placed at the #12 spot in caution as it's still subject to novelty, this one's true place in the annals of Final Fantasy folklore is yet to be determined. It'll either become tragically overrated or the second coming of "Dancing Mad". Make your choice.

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