12 Iconic Moments That Made Gamers Everywhere Happy

Tomb Raider T Rex The people who don't play videogames often frown down on those of us that do... especially if you're over fourteen years of age. They look at us and sniff, muttering under their breaths about how we should step into the real world, how we should put away childish things, and even how we as a group are leading the way to a broken, shell of a civilization that's been in freefall ever since Pong was invented all those moons ago. But they're wrong. Like witch hunters in medieval Europe, they're scared; scared because they don't understand. They don't know that we play because a good game can offer a sense of excitement that neither books nor films can match, they're baffled by our claims that playing Silent Hill from beneath the covers was the nineties version of reading The Shining, and no less valid an art form, and when they start talking about expense, wasted money, and all the other things that gamers tend not to think about, they miss the point entirely. We play games because they're fun, because they make us happy. And with that in mind let me present to you the twelve moments that made every gamer weep with joy....

12. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 €“ Victory Music

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Everybody had a favourite tune in Tony Hawk's. Of course they did, the whole soundtrack rocked harder than any soundtrack before it and maybe any soundtrack after, but no matter how good the thing was as a whole, everybody had a favourite tune. Was it by Guttermouth? CKY? The Ramones? Del the Funky Homosapien? Or my personal favourite, Check by Zebrahead? It makes no difference there was nothing quite like sitting down for another two-player run through Los Angeles with your best bro (who you hated because he'd left you for dust in the six games previous) only to have the 3...2...1... click down and realise that it was your favourite song, your VICTORY MUSIC, that was playing. And with a smile on your face and a riff in your heart, you tore up LA with a naughty little 4mil combo.
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