12 Most Surprising Metacritic Scores Of 2018

12. The Quiet Man (29)

The Quiet Man
Square Enix

While this Square Enix-published brawler didn't exactly leave a stellar impression following its anticlimactic E3 unveiling, few still would've pegged the AAA publisher to actually release a game this awful and poorly received.

With a mere 29 Metascore on PS4, The Quiet Man ended up Square Enix's second worst-reviewed release of all time, ahead of only the 2013 iOS game Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, which rocks a shocking 25.

And to be clear, the game deserves all the derision it's been getting from critics and fans alike.

With its lacklustre combat, hilariously bad FMV sequences and utter misfire of a premise, this is certainly the most embarrassingly bad video game to be released by a respected publisher in quite some time.

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