12 Reasons You Were Wrong About Batman: Arkham Origins

10. There's An Amazing Voice Cast

Following on from the likes of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill - the two most renowned voice actors to have brought life to Batman and his arch rogue - is a daunting task, but boy were Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker up to it.

Despite being dismissed by many of Origins' nay-sayers very early on, Smith and Baker were able to craft truly magnificent performances centred around a story that allowed the two to play off each other remarkably well. Joker's quips are both hilarious and haunting, with the "Really Bad Day" sequence potentially symbolising the epitome of Baker's tenure as The Clown Prince of Crime - here's hoping it's a long one.

An emotional script calls for emotive acting, and Martin Jarvis's Alfred Pennyworth really is a highlight of the game. Balancing concern with reluctant loyalty to his ward, this ranks among the best portrayals of the Wayne household's famous butler - both on and off the screen.

As well as industry regulars like Nolan North, Steven Blum and Michael Gough, Montreal delighted fans of Batman: The Animated Series by giving the part of Harvey Bullock to Robert Costanzo - a fondly remembered part of a series that introduced a new generation of fans to the adventures of The Dark Knight. He may only have a few lines, but each one is classic Harv'.

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