13 Massively Hyped Upcoming Video Games That Will Totally Disappoint

These games are going to break hearts.

Assassin's Creed Origins

The video game hype machine is a powerful and often disturbing thing, because from the second the first teaser trailer for a new game drops, the race is on to ensure that the game sustains excitement and momentum until it finally hits stores.

The last few years in particular have seen a litany of games announced way, way too early, and the result has been a final product that just kinda landed with a bit of a whimper, or maybe not even at all (looking at you, Scalebound).

And of course, even those games announced a reasonable amount of time before release often fall short of their hype, either because of unrealistic fan expectations or developers who just couldn't deliver what they promised.

Over the next few years, these are the 13 games that are most in danger of failing to live up to players' lofty expectations, so if you're sensible, you might want to put them on the back burner and stop obsessing over them for a while. They may end up being good, fun games, but will they live up to all that buzz? Not likely.

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