13 Upcoming PS4 Exclusive Games You Must Consider

12. Days Gone

Days Gone

Release Date: TBA 2018

Days Gone is SIE Bend Studio's first new IP since 1999's Syphon Filter, and caused quite a stir when it was first announced at last year's E3.

The game is an open-world survival horror taking place in a post-apocalyptic landscape after a plague ravaged the majority of humanity, transforming millions of them into zombie-like creatures called "Freakers".

Though the similarities to The Last of Us have been well-noted and it's certainly possible that Days Gone ends up being another me-too open-world game, it's undeniably doing some impressive things under the hood that no other game is.

The original E3 demo showed outlaw biker protagonist Deacon St. John fleeing from a horde of dozens of Freakers, with a jaw-dropping number of the creatures appearing on-screen at once.

If SIE can genuinely pull this off on the PS4 without any pesky downgrades or a reduction in the number of Freakers, this will surely be one of 2018's most intense experiences.


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