13 Video Games That Must Appear At E3 2017

The year of dreams (again).

343 Industries & E3

With E3 opening its doors to the public for the first time this year, the most exciting gaming event of the year is about to get even more insane.

E3 is an annual mecca for gaming fans to salivate over all those newly announced IPs, shed a nostalgic tear when a cherished, classic franchise finally gets resurrected, and get p***ed off when an already-announced game no-shows the conference for the 5th year in a row.

It's the craziest time of year for gamers, as the landscape for the next 12 months is carved out by developers looking to stake their claim for your hard-earned cash.

Though this year's show, taking place on June 13-15, will surely deliver its share of surprises just about nobody expected, it'd sure be swell if at least a few of these titles made an appearance as well.

Considering that recent years have seen the likes of the Final Fantasy VII remake, Shenmue III and The Last Guardian confirmed, while the Resident Evil franchise was triumphantly resurrected at last year's show, there's clearly a lot of room for 2017's show to be yet another astounding dream-maker.

Here are 13 games that must appear at E3 2017...

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