13 Worst Video Game Remakes, Reboots And Sequels Of All Time [VIDEO]

Some things should just stay dead...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x25mtf8_13-worst-video-games-reboots-remakes-and-sequels-of-all-time_videogames Hollywood is in a sorry state. Year on year, we're seeing the same tired franchises getting tarted up and rehashed for one more run at our wallets. Lack of originality is rife, and not even the most prestigious series are free from the grasps of the money-hungry studios. If something will turn profit, then does quality really matter? This terrible attitude toward creativity is something that can unfortunately be applied to most forms of media - nothing is safe. And the most recent victim of this terrible approach is the world of gaming. It takes one stroll into a video games store to see this in action. There are Call Of Duties as far as the eye can see, Assassin's Creeds that need patching to hell before you even play them and EA Sports' clockwork annual releases that really do little to address issues or improve on the prior year's offerings. We're in a bizarro-world where games can now launch broken, where we get bombarded with micro-transactions at every turn and where some of the greatest classic franchises from way back in the day are getting a facelift and sent back out to the front line. It hasn't always been this way, but it's an unfortunate future that we just have to accept for now. From long dead 80s franchises with absolutely no hope of securing a modern fan-base, to modern classics that should have been one-shot deals; this is a collection of 13 of the worst video game reboots, remakes and sequels that have ever slapped us in the face for forking out our hard earned cash on them.

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