13 Worst Video Games Of 2017 (So Far)

6. Rime

Rime game

Rime was one of those games you just knew was going to be rated highly by the majority of critics. Its interpretable narrative, slow pace and reliance on visual style over mechanical substance just screamed "critical darling", yet the execution was thoroughly lacklustre.

That interpretable story? It went nowhere, with only the barest of hooks to keep you interested, the ambling narrative segueing into a puzzle game of excruciating boredom. Basically, if you're falling back on box puzzles in 2017 and you're not doing something like adding a mechanic like Breath of the Wild's gravity-manipulating Sheikah Slate, it is simply not good enough.

You can absolutely see what type of spiritualistic, freeform puzzle-exploration game Rime is trying to be, but sadly, too many basic, outdated and flat out bad ideas get in the way.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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