14 Awesome 2017 Video Games You Probably Missed (So Far)

Don't sleep on these incredible cult classics.

Little nightmares
Bandai Namco Entertainment

2017 has been a fantastic year for games so far, with the majority of the year's most anticipated titles actually living up to the hype. However, not every great game is lucky enough to have a massive marketing budget or can ride the hype train to easy success, so over the last seven months, it's likely these quality titles ended up passing you by.

These games may have had a more quiet and unassuming presence than the year's big-hitters, but they're no less worth your time than 2017's most acclaimed AAA efforts to date.

From narrative-driven adventure games to shooters, puzzlers and racers, these games largely arrived amid more muted fanfare but nevertheless delivered some of the most memorable, bizarre, mature and downright fun gaming experiences in recent memory.

Plus, with most of them being budget titles, you won't need to shell out AAA money for what are nevertheless top-tier gaming experiences. Fill your boots and don't miss these 14 must-play games...

14. Night In The Woods

night in the woods
Infinite Fall

Infinite Fall's surreal adventure jaunt is one of 2017's most unexpectedly emotional games to date, a thoroughly charming coming-of-age tale following the travails of a 20-year-old anthropomorphic cat named Mae, who returns to her hometown and uncovers a sinister mystery lurking in the woods.

The core plot of Night in the Woods is ultimately secondary to the game's fantastic characterisation and world-building, populating the sprawling, sleepy town of Possum Springs with a host of colourful and hilarious personalities for the player to interact with.

It offers virtually no challenge, but as a visually gorgeous exploration title with smart, affecting engagement with themes such as mental illness, sexuality and existential angst, it's an absolute must-play and one of the most sharply-written games of the last few years.


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