14 Beloved Video Games That Criminally Never Got Sequels

Scratch what'll be the sixteenth Call of Duty next year, bring back one of these.

Finally we're on the cusp of a whole flood of titles about to consume our social lives in the next few weeks, but as this generation has proven so far more than any in the past; the industry is in desperate need of a string of hits rather than the big PR bubble-burst hype-machine that we've had all year. Titanfall and Watch Dogs both managed to survive about as long as a piece of chicken on a population-starved desert island, and with Destiny's lack of a single-player focus along with some questionable production values still dividing players, all eyes are pointing forward as to restoring our faith in gaming as a whole. Taking a look back it's not hard to find a huge amount of under-appreciated gems and cult classics that are long overdue a revitalising push into the new generation by expanding on their universes or signature mechanics. For the purposes of this list we're also not going to be looking at the most 'obvious' of games that haven't been given further sequels yet - like your Half Life 2s, Red Dead Redemptions or Shadow of the Colossus' of this world - instead these are the titles that would come primed and ready to sell hundreds of thousands of copies thanks to built-in fanbases that've been hungry for more for years - some over a decade.
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