14 Best PlayStation Games Of 2015

Sony's big blue baby is ending the year in style.

Destined to remain as 'the year the industry pulled its finger out', 2015 saw titanic developers like Bethesda, Rocksteady and Kojima Productions (not Konami) pull out all the stops to deliver their finest works to date. To that end, you'd be remiss for thinking the best games to come out across the year were all third-party, multi-platform releases. However, although many other sites have struggled somewhat to put together console-specific lists full of exclusives, PlayStation fans especially should be overjoyed at the amount of incredible titles only available on Sony hardware. It's certainly not an enviable position trying to market your game when the likes of Batman: Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4 are commanding the headlines, but that's why end-of-year wrap-ups are so valuable. So, whilst Arkham Knight may have some additional missions on PS4 and Sony have also netted some unique content for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, it doesn't make them 'PlayStation exclusive' games - not by a long shot. Instead, as 2015 has already had quite the smattering of incredible games (Game of the Year 2015 is over here) it's worth taking stock of all the awesome titles you might have missed.

14. Broken Age

Let it be decried; Tim Schafer can do no wrong. The Double Fine-creating conceptual genius that brought you everything from Escape from Monkey Island to Psychonauts and Brutal Legend dropped a couple of games in 2015, but only one was a PS4 console exclusive. Broken Age sees twin protagonists Shay and Vella (the former voiced by Elijah Wood, no less) offering dual perspectives on a whimsical world of sacrificial offerings and technological domination. That is to say, Shay lives in a ship whose A.I. mothers him by providing his every whim, and Vella's village like to protect their community by offering youngsters to a whopping great creature called Mog Chothra.
Initially released in two parts, now they're both out - and for a discounted price - you can get fully immersed in another of Schafer's brilliantly befuddling worlds. The characters are memorable, the art style is gorgeous and the general drive of the plot takes you to the heavens and back again. Oh, and Jack Black makes a cameo as a cloud-riding sage. It's ace.
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