14 Ways E3 2018 Will Impact The Future Of Gaming

Mobile games, streaming services, and no more loot-boxes.


It's hard to deny the impact E3 has had on the gaming industry. It is emblematic of the future, and pretty much the only time where we get to see the industry's figureheads highlight their stance on various policies and practices. And for a growing medium such as gaming, it is incredibly interesting to even imagine what is going to happen.

Looking at E3 2018, you begin to see the trends and the pushes that are taking the forefront. Companies like Microsoft and Sony have their eyes set on the coming years, and almost every major announcement holds some merit in determining what we're going to see.

Surprisingly enough, a lot of it is positive, with companies adopting consumer friendly business practices, whilst also catching on what gamers want. Not to mention, the advancement of technology and even the way that E3 conferences will play out.

So let's put aside the bombastic spectacle of the biggest games coming in the next few years, and speculate on the future of the industry. Because E3 2018 had a lot to say on that front.

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