15 Awesome Video Games From 2017 You Probably Missed

With more time to reflect - and prices to drop - what should you pick up?

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With 2017 long in the rearview mirror, it's easier than ever to look at the whole year in retrospect. The highs (Nintendo's Switch release, all manner of PS4 exclusives and Microsoft overhauling the Xbox One's dashboard), the lows (the death of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the rise of microtransactions and the complete desecration of what should've been the best Star Wars game to date), and the in-betweens (VR technology in general).

Yes, it was a landmark time for a generation that at one point (during its first year) looked to be falling towards the ground in slow motion. Now though, especially if you're in Camp Nintendo or Sony, there are more must-play titles than ever. Mostly down to substantial marketing budgets being thrown behind everything from Horizon to Zelda, Mario to Cuphead, what about the rest on offer?

Thanks to both the indie scene growing in capability and the sheer breadth of studio sizes working on all manner of awesome creations, the divide between "triple-A" and everything else is smaller than ever. You might - and should - have played the likes of what I already mentioned, but there are many more games worth your time too.

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