15 Best Batman Video Games - Ranked

15. Batman Vengeance

Batman vengeance

Released on the PS2, Batman Vengeance's primitive and occasionally sped-up animations didn't do the Bat any favours. However, being directly influenced and somewhat based on the legendary Animated Series, it elevated the overall feel of controlling Batman to new heights.

The later-released Rise of Sin Tzu tends to fare more favourably thanks to its focus on brawler combat, but Vengeance was less repetitive, and more welcomed at the time, simply because of its art style and fun controls.

Gameplay-wise this was a highly linear affair, allowing developers Ubisoft Montreal to dole out an expertly-paced adventure featuring everyone from Joker to Mr. Freeze, alongside some satisfying combat and every Bat-gadget you can think of.

It might look a bit angular today, but Batman Vengeance's heart was in the right place, even if its textures occasionally weren't.

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