15 Best PSVR Games (So Far)

Turns out flying an X-Wing is pretty damn awesome.

Resident Evil 7 Star Wars VR Job Simulator Farpoint
Capcom, Sony, Owlchemy Labs & EA

It's fair to say that PlayStation VR's first year(ish) has been a bit of a mixed bag so far. Ignoring the immensely prohibitive cost of not just the device but also the PlayStation camera and PlayStation Move controllers, a lot of the early releases were shorter "experiences" rather than fully-fledged titles that didn't necessarily justify their price tags (hence why Batman: Arkham VR didn't make this list).

However, as headset availability has increased, Sony has begun to demonstrate their longer-term support for the unit, with more curated and premium-quality games releasing over the last few months in particular.

With PSVR holding the largest VR gaming market share by a huge margin and its price slowly starting to drop, it's definitely a great time to pick up a headset, as there are now dozens of enjoyable titles of all genres for all ages and interests.

These are the 15 games, though, that you absolute must get your hands on, as they provide PSVR owners with the most stunningly immersive gaming experiences on the platform. In some cases you might want to wait for a sale, but each nevertheless deserves to be played by any PSVR owner looking to make the most of their nifty new toy...


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