15 Brutally Difficult Video Games That Totally Broke You

15. Discworld (1995)

Discworld was a classic mid 90's puzzle solving head-scratcher, involving a myriad of insanely confusing, baffling and outright illogical brain teasers. Based on the Terry Pritchard novels of the same name, the game relied on it's point n' click style of play that gamers would seriously depend on - clicking on everything and anything in an attempt to find the next clue - because there is no way these puzzles could be solved by any obvious or plausible train of thought. The obscure puzzles would take the player from one end of the map to the other, while seeking certain items that would then have to be rubbed, oiled, plunged, thrown or stuck on any number of other items that could only be found if you rubbed a store keepers left cheek... and so on. Just watch the first 1:22 of the above video to see what I mean.
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