15 Crucial Questions For 2018's Biggest Video Games

Miles better not be DLC.

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Though many of 2017's biggest games are yet to come down the pike, it's never too early to look ahead to next year, especially as the likes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Destiny 2, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II will have come and gone before you know it.

2017 may have already been an historic and uncommonly excellent year for games, but 2018's set to be no slouch either, with numerous long-awaited games finally arriving after way too many years of hype, even though much still remains up in the air about exactly how they're going to play.

From plots that remain curiously under-wraps to gameplay that's still very much undeclared and everything in-between, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding these hugely-anticipated titles.

Not all gamers are going to like the answers to all these questions, and while some may be answered in the coming months, many are sure to stay unanswered until players have the game in their hands for themselves...

15. Does Kratos' Son Die? - God Of War

God Of War Kratos Atreus

The Question: The new God of War reboot features Kratos raising his son Atreus, but will it in fact turn out that the boy dies at the end of the game's prologue, and the rest of the game is actually Kratos' revenge mission?

The Likely Answer: So little of the game has been shown off so far that it's definitely easy to believe this, especially with the prior titles having such a keen focus on Kratos meting out vengeance.

Plus, though writer-director Cory Barlog has stated that Atreus will tag along for Kratos' journey, this could easily be a misdirect to enhance the emotional impact of him dying in the game's first few hours.

It's just hard to imagine Kratos having a kid companion for the whole game, but then again, this is a new Kratos after all...

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