15 Failed Video Games That Became Cult Classics

9. Alpha Protocol


Obsidian Studios had a rough track record by the mid-noughts with the trend continuing as they signed a two game deal with Sega.

Firstly, their enticing RPG based on the Alien movie franchise got cancelled, regrettably in favour of the disastrous Alien: Colonial Marines. Secondly, their spy game Alpha Protocol - an ambitious blend of Mass Effect’s branching storytelling with James Bond’s world of intrigue - got forced out the door in a buggy and broken state. Critics slammed it and it disappeared quick and quietly.

There’s no doubting the stealth/action gameplay elements are woefully broken, but the branching narrative was deep and rich. A multitude of player choices, such as letting a target live or die, or making an alliance with one terrorist faction over an other, had massive consequences on your initial play-through. It was a rare case of branching storytelling matching its promo hype.

Over the years several gamers have discovered if one can overlook its flaws (playing on easy mode is recommended for the less patient), you’ll discover one of the most rewarding RPG storylines around. Whether you preferred a smooth talking James Bond approach, or Jack Bauer violence-prone aggression, Obsidian threw you head long into enough clever scenarios to test your choices, and devastate the gamer with the repercussions.

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