15 Final Boss Battles That Almost Ruined Great Video Games

14. Malus - Shadow Of The Colossus

shadow of the colossus final boss malus
Team ICO

"Say it ain't so, Shadow of the Colossus?!"

Yes, sadly, as there's just something about that final, laser-throwing boss that didn't sit right.

As the rest of the game was spent surmounting mobile foes by clinging on for dear life or figuring out specific methods to defeat them by interacting with the environment, taking down Malus was a way too linear affair.

Alongside looking like a giant totem pole come to life, from the very beginning of the battle, things feel a little strange, as he starts firing energy blasts at you. Your quest as always, is to find a weak spot to exploit, but doing so just means dodging fire and climbing up his frame that's forever bolted to the floor. That's it.

Fairly epic, yes, but by removing the mobility inherent to the other Colossi, it felt jarringly different from the overall majestic tone of those other encounters.

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