15 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2018

2. Marvel's Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Truck

Despite 2009's Arkham Asylum showing the world just how good superhero games could be, the industry never quite capitalised on its success. Instead of deciding to, you know, start making good games, Activision continued to churn out mediocre Spider-Man titles to ride the wave of new films.

Thankfully though, the company no longer holds the exclusive rights to the Web Head, and for the first time in years a developer and publisher have been put in charge of creating a quality Spidey tale that will hopefully do the character justice.

Sure, Insomniac's take is carrying over a lot of the staples players did love from the previous games, with the core web-swinging taking cues from the complex Spider-Man 2 and the visual flair of the original Amazing Spider-Man, but for the most part it's clear that the devs are attempting to create something more inline with their own identity.

Crafting an original Spidey tale rather than riffing on Homecoming or its sequel, Insomniac have the freedom to go nuts with the character, which will hopefully result in the definitive Spider-Man gaming experience later this year.


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