15 Most Brutally Hard Video Games Of The Generation (So Far)

1. Cuphead

Cuphead Genie
Studio MDHR

Easily - and I do mean easily - the hardest game of the generation by a country mile, Cuphead might have quite possibly the best 2D animation ever seen in a video game, but it's backed up by a mentality straight out of the late 80s.

Literally, there aren't any checkpoints, it'll take you a handful of tries to even get past the first level, and if you can't manage precisely where to stand or dodge to when the screen fills with projectiles then goodbye. This game isn't for you.

Eventually you'll realise everything does click into place, but Cuphead thrives on the time-worn adage of trial and error. You simply need to put the time in to learning the various patterns and animations on-hand or you'll be eaten alive. Thankfully, Cuphead's visuals ARE enough to carry this brazen approach to gameplay, and once you get everything down and blitz an enemy by dodging everything only for the game's "VICTORY!" soundbite to pop up - it's a euphoria that makes that time invested feel worth it.

Whether you'll get there is another matter entirely, as at time of writing only a paltry 5.65% of all players on Xbox One have even made it to the second world.


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