15 Most Brutally Hard Video Games Of The Generation (So Far)

15. Trials Fusion

trials fusion

Though older Trials titles like the standout Evolution remain the best - and hardest - of the bunch, Fusion continues the series' penchant for physics-based gameplay.

Lean back or forward and your bike tilts accordingly, resulting in a pitch-perfect sensation of real 'weight' you can then apply to jimmying yourself around all sorts of awkwardly-placed obstacles. Fusion also includes minigames like trick-based scoring or a modifier so you only go faster - both of which become increasingly hard to control once you add the momentum of hurtling down a hillside at 90mph.

Trials Fusion may not have the same pull as when the franchise once topped Xbox Live Arcade top 10 lists across the 2000s, but it remains the perfect embodiment of that "Just one more try..." mentality we/some know and love.

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