15 Most Embarrassing Video Game Moments Of 2017

1. Star Wars Battlefront II: The Loot Box Strikes Back


If there was ever a controversy to sum up the state of the gaming industry in 2017, the one around Star Wars Battlefront II takes the cake.

Let's start with the loot boxes, everyone's favorite.

Loot boxes in Battlefront II work just the same as they do in all other games, you can earn them with currency from playing the game, or you can do it very quickly by simply buying them with real world money.

This is where it differs from most AAA titles however, as most of the Star Cards you would receive through these crates gave you a statistical advantage over those who didn't have them. In short, you could effectively pay-to-win in Battlefront II. Brilliant.

Then came the realization that Heroes were locked behind an absolutely absurd amount of playtime. Players broke it down, and soon figured out it would take around 40 hours of playtime to unlock a single Hero, such as Darth Vader. Or you know, you could pay real money and get them instantly. This lead to a member of EA "defending" this practice on Reddit.

The result was the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit, sitting at 673,000 downvotes.

All of this lead to EA cutting the cost of heroes and temporarily removing microtransactions from the game. Yes, temporarily. Meaning even after all this outrage, they will eventually be back. This was a bandaid for an amputated arm, and the biggest misstep a gaming company has not only done this year, but in recent memory.

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