15 Most Embarrassing Video Game Moments Of 2017

15. JonTron Has Some Racist Thoughts On Immigration

Jonathan Jafari - more commonly known as JonTron from Game Grumps - had some things to say about immigration and race that did not go over well with a lot of people. It all started on Twitter, and then continued during a Twitch stream with Steve Bonnell, also known as Destiny.

JonTron started it all off by defending Congressman Steve King's controversial comments that immigration was ruining America, saying "we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." Most weren't happy with him coming to the defense of a comment that was condemned as a white supremacist remark by all those who weren't white supremacists, but it doesn't end there.

On the stream with Bonnell, JonTron would go on a tirade about how Mexicans were trying to take back American land, and how white people were being oppressed by immigration and would soon become the minority race in the United States. He would also go on to say that wealthy black men commit more crimes in the United States than poor white males, down-talking Black Lives Matter and claiming that race plays no part in the judicial process.

People were rightly p*ssed off.

As a direct result JonTron had a voice-over spot in the game Yooka-Laylee removed from the game on a day one patch. He would also lose thousands of subscribers thanks to his tirade.

JonTron's response was a simple, "I said lots of stuff that could be misconstrued in all sorts of ways," with no formal apology.

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