15 Most Overrated Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

14. Far Cry 4

Did anyone out there actually finish Far Cry 3 or 4?

4 in particular was one of those games we only crowded around in 2014 because it was a final product that actually worked - and from Ubisoft no less.

Alongside indie-tinged masterpieces Valiant Hearts and Child of Light, FC4 was literally the only other game they put out that lived up to expectations - although as soon as you realised all you were doing was re-unlocking all the abilities from 3, alongside essentially recreating all the best parts of that game you'd already done - there was nothing else on offer.

Troy Baker's antagonist Pagan Min was criminally underused too (although he did provide one of the best Easter Eggs in recent memory), and yes overall this was a solid experience - but you can't help but feel the majority of its warm welcome only came from the many disappointments beforehand.

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