15 Most Overrated Video Games Of The Generation (So Far)

15. Battlefield 1


When it released, Battlefield 1 was praised for its epic single-player campaign. Instead of spinning one long eight-hour tale like most shooters do, the developers at DICE instead opted to tell a bunch of smaller vignette stories that focused on specific, isolated events.

Having a gimmick for each narrative, the gameplay was always themed around something specific, be it tank warfare, dogfights in the air or good old-fashioned trench battles. It was a good idea in theory, and the stories themselves were beautifully told and presented, but actual gameplay was sorely lacking in terms of both quality and variety.

However, because every level was themed around a specific idea, it meant that they constantly repeated their one gimmick over and over again, rarely taking a break to switch up the gameplay in any meaningful way. Thankfully the missions didn't drag on for too long, but still managed to get stale despite how short they were.

It was sort of both a blessing and a curse then that the campaign as a whole was criminally short, because while a longer single-player could have led to even more Great War stories, it would have also resulted in more mundane gameplay.

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