15 Simple Things That Could Ruin 2018's Biggest Video Games

Dad of War.

God Of War Atreus

Though 2017 was arguably one of the best years for gaming on record, 2018 could certainly be one hell of a follow-up, given the litany of highly-anticipated sequels, intriguing new IP and ambitious titles hoping to change the way we play games forever.

However, as modern, informed gamers, it's certainly sensible to approach just about every upcoming game with a certain degree of scepticism, largely to avoid your wallet and your feelings being hurt.

At a time where publisher disdain for their own customers seems at an all-time high with microtransactions running rampant in so many AAA games, it's important to remember that game creators are not your friends: they are a business first and foremost.

These 15 games, by far the most intriguing, promising and beautiful to come in 2018, could also fall far short of expectations if they give in to their worst potential instincts.

From unnecessary new gameplay mechanics to predictable technical issues, more sinister attempts to rip players off and everything in-between, you're probably better off waiting for reviews before you give these games (or, really, any game) your hard-earned moolah...

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