15 Worst Video Game Characters Of 2013

13. Everyone (Sonic: Lost World)

It took Sonic numerous tries to get 3D right and slowly but surely the series is coming along in terms of gameplay each time. Unfortunately it still contains some of the cheesiest story and cut scenes that you can see anywhere in modern gaming. While the levels take a cue from the Mario Galaxy games, the characters are the same old drivel we've been seeing since Sonic Adventure. Lost World is the first foray for Sonic onto the Wii U and predictably Sonic is up against Dr Eggman again, this time with a supporting cast of bad guys known as the Deadly Six who are all annoying, particularly Zazz who is the typically stupid sidekick. Despite being 2013, Sonic still talks with the same mid 90s "attitude" and Tails still hasn't reached puberty. One of gaming's most irritating females, Amy makes a return and still has the voice of a sock puppet or Minnie Mouse and contacts Sonic seemingly just to bag him. Also, Knuckles still has the least threatening tough guy voice you've ever hard. I shouldn't be surprised since it's definitely more aimed at a younger audience than even the Mario games, but the cut scenes are too cringe-wrothy for even my 5 year old nephew to enjoy.

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