15 WTF Moments In The Bioshock Trilogy

Great memories both under the sea and above it.

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There have been few gaming trilogies that have offered as many memorable and jaw-dropping moments as the Bioshock series. Whether it's exploring the creepy, unsettling Rapture or venturing through the beautiful but hostile Columbia, the Bioshock series has offered players endless enjoyment and terror alongside unique characters that stay in players' minds forever.

A big part of the series' staying powering is its ability to be consistently unpredictable and strange. Anytime there's a non-typical way to establish atmosphere or to keep the player on edge, Bioshock will take it. Now with the original instalment reaching its 10-year anniversary, it's time for a trip down the (extremely WTF) memory lane of this insane universe.

Although there are plenty of moments to choose, there can only be so many listed here. Be sure to list your own personal favorites down below.

These are 15 WTF Moments that made you question the developers' sanity, as well as your own...

15. A Trip To The Dentist - Bioshock

bioshock splicers

While many horror games utilize jump scares to build their tension, BS uses jump scares sparingly, but when they pop up, they are EFFECTIVE. The Dentist sequence serves as one of many optional sequences that, should you choose to seek it, raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Venturing beyond the main path, you'll discover a dentist's office where there there's a splicer corpse in the patient chair. A moment passes, the lights flicker off then back on, and the body's moved. Fog fills up the room, you reach the end of the pathway, and then the dentist appears from behind you, weapon in hand, forcing you to unleash endless amounts of bullets until he goes down.

There are several instances like this where the game builds up to a splicer jump scare, but this one stands out thanks to the gradual, tense set up and the eventual payoff. It also made players hesitant when they strayed from the beaten path.

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