15 WTF Moments In The Bioshock Trilogy

1. "Would You Kindly?" - Bioshock

Bioshock Would You Kindly?
2K Games

Even multiple realities can't supersede possibly the biggest twist in gaming history. After going through so much and working your way all the way to Andrew Ryan, players discover that the often-used phrase 'Would you kindly?' had a lot more meaning than anyone thought.

Revealed by Ryan himself as his knowledge of Jack's intentions gives him the motivation to offer up some suitably strong final words. He explains that all of Jack's actions throughout the game were not personal decisions, but commands secretly issued by Atlas to push his own agenda and plan. To further illustrate just how little power Jack truly has, Ryan hands him a golf club and tells him to swing away. Jack obliges, proceeding to beat away at the Father of Rapture. With a bloodied face, Ryan pulls himself up and, with his final words, tells Jack "OBEY!" leading to him killing Ryan with one last hit.

To add final insult to injury, Atlas reveals himself to be Frank Fontaine, Ryan's main competitor, and literally laughs at you as his plans have worked out perfectly for him. While the actual ending to the game may have disappointed, this twist left players shaken to their core and made Bioshock a modern classic that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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