16 Best Video Game Moments This Generation (So Far)

This generation's most definitive moments so far.


From revolutionary early experiences like Pong and Mario, to modern spectacles such as God Of War or Red Dead Redemption 2, there are thousands of innovative titles making their mark on video game history.

While these games are considered classics in their own right, it's the now-iconic moments we experienced within that have changed the face of gaming forever.

Whether it be Link's epic drawing of the Master Sword in Ocarina Of Time, John Marston meeting his tragic fate at the end of Red Dead Redemption or that 'Would You Kindly' bomb drop that shapes Bioshock's third act, every classic has 'that' moment that cements you're playing something greater than "just another video game".

As we come to the end of this generation, it's worth looking back at the recent titles that featured such seminal moments. From blowing the heads off demons in hell to clashing swords with battle-hardened samurai, there have been countless incredible experiences across the last six years.

Although there have been plenty of great moments sprinkled throughout the hundreds of games to release in the last handful of years, there's only a select few that stand out as being remembered for years to come.


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