16 Insanely Underrated PS4 Exclusives You Must Play

16. Nioh

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Team Ninja

Don't let its Dark Souls comparisons put you off if that franchise's brutally hard learning curves were a major negative - Nioh has a TON more going on under the hood.

Of course, Team Ninja owe a lot to FromSoftware's perfection of the 'RPG action-adventure' formula, but Nioh has an identity all its own, born from lightning-fast combat, Onimusha-esque demon designs, customisable context actions and a full-on loot system that'll let you grind for the best gear in any area, should you so desire.

The latter is predicated on fighting the reincarnations of other fallen players, as whilst the game isn't multiplayer - save for co-op and a PVP mode to be added at a later date - all progress between the community is shared, allowing you to see where others perished, before duelling with their A.I. forms and - if you're successful - keeping the loot that was on their person.

There's a marked seal of quality across all of Nioh that perfectly walks the line between testing your gaming mettle and letting you surmount any of its challenge through patience, training and perseverance. Something like Lords of the Fallen and Salt & Sanctuary are almost carbon copies of the 'Souls formula', but Nioh strives to do something quite radically different in a number of spots, succeeding immensely every time.

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