16 Laziest And Ill-Conceived Pokémon Ever

15. Unown - Gen II

No Pokémon€”I do not want to subconsciously go on a side quest to capture 28 different forms of the same Pokémon. You don't have to make it a mission with any reward because you know that I will not be able to resist the stinging temptation to hunt down hordes of useless Unown. This is why nobody likes Unown. I hate to admit it but when I was younger I was fascinated by Unown. It was mysterious and unique in the Pokémon world. Unfortunately these Pokémon are presented to be more rare, exciting, and useful than they actually are. Beyond taking up precious space in your storage boxes no matter what generation you find them in, Unown now come off as a joke from the developers. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time to use the alphabet as a source for Pokémon but when you realize they are nothing more than stick figures with dots for eyes you wish you never made the revelation. You sort of want to get upset that developers of Pokémon Silver and Gold thought it would be okay to toss something so dull and cheesy into the game. While they do contribute to some aspect of Pokémon lore as a work of a language, something I doubt few, including myself, care to know about, Unown seemed to be one of the first fears of Pokémon running out of ideas. The Unown are nothing more than boring and uninventive but they are still not the laziest designs from Pokémon, far from it.
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